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Pascal the passionate chef, accompanied by his son Antonin in the kitchen, will take you on a culinary journey throughout your meal... In our restaurant, discover a rich and varied menu made from noble, seasonal and local products. A delicious blend of traditional local cuisine and creative techniques with a modern twist. And always a know-how handed down through three generations of cooks. Our team of enthusiasts will delight you from breakfast to dinner with the same attention to detail and quality!

Culinary passion, from father to son...

Know-how handed down from generation to generation: that's the story of the "cuisine des Prodains". It was in 1962 that François prepared his first meals in the kitchen: fondues and mountain specialties. A few years later, his son Pascal worked in some of France's top establishments (Le Jules Verne in Paris, Yves Turiès in Gordes), only to return and develop the "father-son duo" mountain cuisine that has made the establishment famous.

Experience alongside top chefs

In 1998, Antonin, the latest generation, was born! Immersed from an early age in his father's and grandfather's cooking, he was naturally drawn to the "Savoie Léman Hotel School". He then accumulated a wealth of experience in the kitchen working alongside renowned chefs: Alain Ducasse at the Louis XV, Emmanuel Renault at the Flocon de Sel... Since 2019, Antonin and Pascal have both been working in the kitchen, drawing on more than 60 years of family culinary know-how to delight you!

The Premat family, gourmet cooks from father to son, have been putting over
60 years of culinary know-how
to delight you...

Seasonal of the seasons

Respecting the timing of each season and showcasing its treasures on our menu – that’s our cooking philosophy! Spring is reserved for picking fir buds, which are macerated in alcohol to give us Sapinette, the House’s essential liqueur, a few months later. Autumn is devoted to the production and distillation of fruit brandies, Poire Prune… But also to the harvesting of the Gentian root, which will be used to make a homemade aperitif called La Gentiannette! And last but not least, we pick our own mushrooms, Girolles and Cèpes, which we use throughout the year to enhance the dishes on our menu!